The Rectory - Bar Review

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By Katie Kirwan.

50-54 St Paul's Square, Birmingham, B3 1QS. View on map.

Sit back, relax and take your time, The Rectory in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter doesn't have any plans to go anywhere and neither should you. This great restaurant bar just shy of the city centre has leisurely afternoon written all over it. 

The Venue

Overlooking St Paul's Church, The Rectory is a matter of fact bar that blends modernity with flecks of tradition and classic style. Whilst the actual bar at The Rectory is a reasonably petite space with a capacity for around only 40 thirsty guests, The Rectory does have more in store from this Edwardian building. Move round to the restaurant only next door and you'll find rich leather booths and oak tables under a plethora of chandeliers, date night material? I think so. 

Head out the back and you'll find another one of Birmingham's amazing beer gardens. Whilst more of a courtyard than anything, this garden is a pleasant little sun trap that more than make up for the lack in actual size of the front facing bar. 

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Could this courtyard be a contender for one of Birmingham's most charming beer gardens?

The Drink

Booze is a tailored thing at The Rectory so it seems, and while they're reliant upon classic spirits and traditional draughts, you wouldn't be hard pushed to find some weird and wonderful things here. Whilst I opted your good old fashioned Dissaronno and coke, it's clear that The Rectory, whilst not being at the forefront of wacky beverages, do provide a few. From specialist bottled beers and a unique whisky selection, The Rectory even dabble in a little moxology now and then with 'special cocktails' on offer using a blend of the bar's ranging spirit collection.

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Catch The Rectory on a good day and you'll have the chance to savour one of their special cocktails.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

Being in only a small group on a Thursday afternoon, I wasn't surprised to find that both the restaurant and the bar were relatively quiet. The Rectory doesn't benefit from the city centre's footfall at all but there was still a pretty reasonable amount of people there for an afternoon bevvie or three. But that's what was nice about The Rectory, it was quiet, relaxed and moving with the visitors tide rather than the other way round. The one thing I would say about this bar is that a party bar in Birmingham it is not. The Rectory is definitely more suited to Birmingham's more mature clientele that like to sip and enjoy their drinks rather than throw them around on the dancefloor. 

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Relaxed and sophisticated surroundings are what make The Rectory stand out from Birmingham's plethora of party bars.


Whilst The Rectory might not be for everyone, it's definitely a great place to take in the sights and sounds of Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter. It would be nice to see them approach a younger clientele but the fact that they needn't worry about that shows their dedication to traditional and relaxed drinks in Birmingham.