Bodega - Restaurant Bar Review

South American culture thrives on colour, audacity and panache with the fresh Bodega in Birmingham being no exception. From the exotic yet cosmopolitan decor to the hearty plates of Mexican grub, Bodega is a restaurant bar in Birmingham on the verge of fiesta. 

The Venue

Another upstairs, downstairs split in Birmingham, Bodega restaurant bar in the city centre not only harbours great food but a secret bar hidden in its midst. From its slick lightbulb features and white tiled walls to its extensive burst of joy inducing colour, Bodega have the vibrancy of any South American diner down to a T. Venture downstairs and you'll find Sugarloaf, a Mexican wrestler themed bar with all the cool sugar skull trimmings. I was told that the venue only holds 80, but c'mon, does size really matter when it comes to good old fashioned fun? 

bodega blog 1

One of the most unique restaurant bars in Birmingham, Bodega is treat for your peepers. 

The Food and Drink

Whilst the menu at Bodega may boast a smorgasbord of South American treats including Columbian culinary wonders, I opted for the play safe and ordered a Chef's Burrito Special. For just £9.95 I was amazed by not only the amount of food but the quality too. From the sweet potato fries to the dairy delights of my cheese smothered Mexican mound, Bodega left me stuffed, snoozy and dinner giddy. From tequila specials to classic cocktails, a hand crafted treat awaited us when it came to choosing drinks, and whilst I steered clear of a hefty tequila number, the Bodega Punch was a fruity rum delight. A friend of mine is an uber fan of international beers and was pleasantly suprised when the waitress offered a recommendation of Modela Especial rather than scarpering off. A restaurant that helps order for you and does it well? Ding dong. 

bodega blog 2

From timid palate's to fiery tongue monsters, there's something for everyone on this unique menu. 

The Atmosphere and Clientele

Whilst we waited all of zero minutes for a table at Bodega on a Tuesday night, every chair in the venue was filled with a happy chappy or date night schmoozers on a night out in town. Packed with drinkers and diners, Bodega didn't feel uncomfortably busy, just bustling with a warm and vibrant haze. Nearly every waiter greeted us and nearly every face smiled at us; Bodega is clearly no place for pretention, just great times and great grub. Clearly Bodega have adopted a little of that South American 'happy go lucky' spirit and adapted it into a unique Birmingham enviroment. 

bodega blog 3

Open, welcoming and in the know-how, what more could you want from the vibrant Bodega staff?


Sure, my love of Mexican wrestlers, Mexican traditions, Dia De Lose Muertos and oodles of cheese may class me as bias when it comes to Bodega. But what's there not to love about happy tummy inducing meals, a welcoming enviroment and a unique selection of hand picked drinks?