Benito's Hat will create a margarita from any ingredient for National Margarita Day

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Benito's Hat Bespoke Margarita National Margarita Day

They've perfected their burritos and margaritas, so now Benito's Hat want a bit of a challenge...

A margarita is a beautiful thing and, quite frankly, a whole day dedicated to the wonderful drink couldn’t have come soon enough. But tequila enthusiasts are in for an even bigger treat this National Margarita Day (22nd February), as Benito’s Hat are offering to make customers a bespoke margarita cocktail from any ingredient they bring in.

Bringing whole new meaning to Wonky Wednesdays, the quirky Mexican bar are charging just £5 so that one of their expert mixologists can craft an individual drink from tequila, triple sec, lime and literally any edible ingredient you want – from fruits to chocolate to even a cherry bakewell, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. The possibilities are endless and, with the guidance of their bar staff, you'll be able to create a uniquely delicious drink. If you think you know your flavours, this is also your chance to show off to your mates and deliver them the an unexpectedly perfect drink with the smug satisfaction that National Margarita Day deserves.

Benito’s Hat are serving up bespoke margaritas on Wednesday 22nd February 2017 for £5.