If we were to drain the ocean, Port St Beer House could probably fill it back up. And while their selection of craft bottles teeter into record breaking, we were wondering when they might take a shot at something a little more State-side, aside their already smashing selection that is. And thanks to a little thing that the Americans like to call Independence Day, now might be just the time for a little more craft discovery in the city. 

american beer festival manchester

Head down to the American Beer Festival at the Port St Beer House for a unique selection of across the pond bottles.

Hosting their very own American Beer Festival this July 1st-6th, Port St Beer House will be showcasing some of the finest hops that the States have been hankering for. With craft bottles coming from brewers the likes of Heretic, Uncommon, Flying Dog and Founders, Port St Beer House look to be bridging a gap between old favourites and undiscovered good'uns. And not only will Port St be repping the red, white and blue, they'll be inviting Beermoth's Jeremy Stull, of MCR beer infamy, for a 'Meet The Bottle' on July 1st (7pm-9pm). Now there's an event to be hop-timisitic about.