Tonic SLA

Schedule to Purchase Authorisation Form Supplier Support Services Service Level Agreement (SLA)


Access UK LTD (Supplier) Customer Support Services

The help desk ( shall be used by the Customer to submit issues and by Supplier to provide technical support and answer specific information requests.


Hours of availability

Customer shall have telephone and email access to Supplier’s Support Services help desk Monday to Friday (Saturday over email to between 09:00 and 17:00 (GMT) ("Working Hours"), excluding public holidays in the UK. Extended support is provided for Critical and Major cases.


Telephone: 020 8616 7920


Severity level and response times Acknowledgement and response times are determined based on the severity level for any given error. Severity levels will be determined by the parties in accordance with the definitions below:




Time for case acknowledgement

Target resolution time


An Error which is causing the Software (in its entirety) to become inoperative or severely impaired and which has a severe commercial impact on Licensee business and there is no alternative processing, fix or workaround. Severely impaired system performance is in the event that one of the client’s websites booking module is down and users cannot make a booking or perform a purchase, or the client cannot log into the system at all, to manage bookings

1 Hour

Within 2 hours


An Error that causes the loss of a major function or corrupts the client’s website. One of the system functions supporting the business critical processes has failed, causing Licensee business to be significantly affected.

2 Hour

Within 6 hours


Malfunctions causing the loss of a few minor functions within the Software having minor commercial impact on Licensee business. The Software is operative with some functions being limited, or non time critical functions being inoperative or a Major Error with no easy workaround solution.

8 Hours

72 hours


The Software is operative, the Error causing a slight inconvenience, having no commercial impact on Licensee business.

8 Hours

Next or a later major release

Procedure for Error correction:

1. Customer will endeavor to determine the source of the Error condition and make all reasonable efforts to recreate the Error and take relevant screen shots and information including the working journey to error, type of equipment (laptop, tablet etc..) browser used and any other technical information.

2. In the event that the Software is the source for said Error condition, Customer Point of Contact will immediately report to Supplier with all the detailed information obtained with respect to such Error, in order to enable Supplier to correct such Error.

3. Supplier will respond to the initial Error Report received from Customer with an acknowledgment of the Error, within the time periods specified in the table under Time for Case Acknowledgement.

4. Supplier will start working in order to: identify an initial work-around, temporary fix, or correct the Error, within the timeframes specified in the table above, or in the event the Error reported is Minor, notify the Customer that the error reported is a known Error and will be resolved in a future release of the Software. Upon conclusion of the process for Error corrections set out above, an Error is classified as resolved by Supplier unless the appropriate Customer Point of Contact informs and presents to Supplier that the Error correction has not resolved the Error.


Critical or Major errors

In the event of a Critical or Major error Supplier will appoint a Senior Developer to investigate and compile an incident report that will be shared with the Customer along with the measures that will be taken to ensure there is no repeat incident