The Flying Duck - Glasgow Bar Review

By Claire Byrne.

The Flying Duck is cool and quirky semi-secret bar in Glasgow, with some of the kookiest club nights and most offbeat events in Glasgow, it's the ideal place for open-minded folks, looking for something a bit different. 

The Venue

The Flying Duck is kind of, sort of, very almost, a secret bar in Glasgow. While it has a sign out front and a doorway onto Renfield Street, the day we visited, the front door was locked. Following directions on a printed sheet, we wandered 'round the back, through an unmarked door and down a stairs into a strange little basement bar. Almost like an underground kitchen meets youth club, the Flying Duck has a kitchen in the corner littered with strange ornaments. There is lots of seating throughout the bar, while the club out back has plenty of room for busting some serious moves at one of the Duck's many cool and quirky club nights. 

The Kitchen area of the Flying Duck is home to regular trad sessions and jazz nights.

Clientele & Atmosphere

The Flying Duck most certainly caters for Glasgow's young clubbers, with novelty events, free toast and cheap drinks. The night we visited, the bar was bustling with twenty-something cool kids, and while the crowd is a tad on the hip side, the vibe, as with most bars in Glasgow, is still fun and unpretentious. Music and the Flying Duck is truly eclectic in every sense of the words, with everything from folk sessions and jazz nights, to cheese-fest parties and hard core hip hop clubs. Our visit was early evening and there was a cool mix of indie and electro playing overhead. The staff at the Flying Duck are cordial and chatty, eager to explain the drinks menu, or talk you through the various events on the packed Duck calendar.  

The Renfield Street bar is peppered with kooky adornments - a a splattering of ducks too. 

Food & Drink

When it comes to quenching thirst, The Flying Duck has got it covered. The bar serves up an extensive range of drinks with some quirky beers and ales along with a unusually large selection of liqueurs and spirits. A full drinks pricelist at the bar makes a welcome addition, as other than specials, many bany bars in Glasgow can be a little less forthcoming in detailing their prices. While we didn't dine the Flying Duck does also cater for the hungry until 10pm every evening. Along with the always-on free toast, bar snacks included beans on toast and nachos, while bigger items like hotdogs and veggie burgers are also available. 

The Flying Duck is home to some of the best-loved, most offbeat Glasgow club nights, events and parties.


If you're looking for a one stop shop of the cool and the quirky in Glasgow, the Flying Duck is just the ticket. Along with it's roster of awesome events, Spangled Cabaret, Yes!, Back Tae Mine and All The Young Nudes, to name but a few, the bar and club also has a fun offbeat vibe, great music and a cool crowd. A true one-of-a-kind, eccentric, gem of a bar in Glasgow, The Flying Duck should be on everybody's Glasgae bucketlist.