As the Merchant City Festival gets underway next week, and Glasgow continues to bask in sunshine, the wily folks from Dance HQ have something very special in store. During the five days of the festival, (24th-28th July) they will be joined by toe-tapping Glaswegians in a series of multi-cultural flash mobs. 

The tutors at Dance HQ will teach workshops for those wanting to perfect their mob moves.

Dubbing them The Big 5, each day will see a new style of dance hit the Glasgow streets, from Caribbean to Indian to Australia. While Glasgow has seen flash mobs before, they've never quite been on this scale, and Dance HQ have released a series of tutorial videos to get people involved. After all, you can't have a flash mob without the mob.

Get practicing the moves, rope in your mates and keep an eye on social media (#TheBig5FlashMob) for directions on where in Merchant City the mob will strike. For extra practice, Dance HQ will hold a workshops ahead of the pounce, on Tuesday 23rd July from 6.30pm. 

Set to be loads of fun for both the dancers and the unsuspecting Glaswegians, we reckon this is definitely something to jump aboard.

Just to give you a taster of what's involved, check out the tutorial video for Wednesday, 24th July's African-themed dance.