Something A Little Different For New Year's Eve In Manchester

Break the shackles of 'normal' and fly free from average club nights with our guide. From cocktails in a tiki den or secret bar to power ballads and air guitars, this city is getting freaky on the 31st of December. Explore the most unusual happenings with our pick of quirky Manchester New Year's Eve parties. 

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Last updated on 4th January 2024

Alcotraz Manchester: Cell Block Three-Four

@ Alcotraz Penitentiary: Manchester on Various dates from Saturday 22nd June 2024

Being behind bars at Alcotraz is a lot more fun than you'd think, as they encourage you to try something a little different for New Year's Eve in Manchester. Smuggle booze past a suspicious warden while dressed in an orange jumpsuit, with handcrafted tipples waiting for you inside.