Does Manchester's Immersive Prison Bar Live Up To Its Mischievous Reputation?

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Reckon you could smuggle contraband into jail without getting caught? I gave it a go by trying to sneak a bottle of spirits through to Alcotraz Manchester: Cell Block Three-Four, the speakeasy prison bar that's also an immersive cocktail experience. 

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The Alcotraz Manchester location has crooked guards helping you get your liquor fix.

So, how does Alcotraz work? Think a theatre performance where you're involved in all the action and fuelled by plenty of drinks too. When our group entered, we were met by a guard who told us what to do next. After being led into jail to throw on jumpsuits, we each filled out a form to explain our crimes. We quickly realised that this would be a great way to get some pictures to shake up the usual Instagram content. The whole setting was impressive and intricate, with an interior that featured the warden's office, old phones and small cells. It really did feel like we were in an episode of Orange Is The New Black.

Remember, you are in ‘prison’, so you can't choose tipples from a standard Alcotraz Manchester menu. After all, you need to be as subtle as possible so that you don't get spotted. Inmate mixologists asked us all about preferred tastes and allergies, meaning fully bespoke cocktails were flowing throughout our experience. They came out at a nice, steady pace, boasting flavours ranging from passionfruit to raspberry, and all made with the vodka that I snuck inside.

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Expect a unique take on prison rations and iconic orange outfits, making those Alcotraz Manchester prices more than worth it.

The storyline was split into three sections, and without leaking out any spoilers, it’s all to do with prisoners and guards versus the warden, who is constantly on the hunt for your contraband. Actors would retaliate with improvised, witty retorts or funny comments across the scenes, whether that involved cell searches, times in isolation or trips to the office for an interrogation. 

The atmosphere shifted as our time inside progressed towards a dramatic grand finale, but throughout the whole experience, there was constant giggles and anticipation as we waited for what was coming next. Nothing was ever predictable at Alcotraz. 

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Most of all, don't forget to give the Warden a hard time.

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Deciding whether you want to have your cocktails the bog standard way or mix things up at Alcotraz? If you’re a lover of unique interactions and fun activities, then you’ll want to check this out. For the whole time that we were immersed in the experience, we were engaged in some sort of drama or storyline, all while sipping on delicious cocktails - perfect if you're after a laugh or something a little different from your drinks.

  💰 The damage: £35.99 ticket prices, plus alcohol to smuggle in.

  📍  The location: Watson Street, M3 4EE.

  👌 Perfect for: A fun double date or a hen do activity.

 ⭐ Need to know: Take more than one bottle of spirit for more flavour variety in your cocktails.


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