BEASTro Bangers and Bacon's meat-inspired feasts win a permanent home
The Kitchens Spinningfields, Manchester, M33AG

What they say:

Bangers and Bacon have been delighting Mancunians with their meaty street food for a while now, and after winning The Kitchens' competition to take over the Leftbank canteen, they will set up a permanent restaurant in the form of BEASTro. The meat will be the same excellent quality, with bacon and sausages coming from their in-house butcher and dishes such as steak tartare and bone marrow will be on the menu. As well as lunch and dinner, the restaurant will focus on breakfast and brunch.

What we say:

Bangers and Bacon are opening a permanent restaurant - enough said. The team behind BEASTro have decided to go for a more formal and sophisticated vibe for the restaurant; yes, there will be the same incredible quality of meat but dishes will be fancier - fewer burgers, more veal marsala and ox tail risotto. They also plan to make their restaurant a hit by creating a brunch and breakfast menu and dinner will be a three-course fare, meaning BEASTro is a stay-and-dine kind of place rather than grab and go.