Yard & Coop Manchester Fried chicka-lickin' lands in Manchester
37 Edge Street, Manchester, M4
Happily Affordable
Type of Venue

What they say:

Yard & Coop will be the North's answer to the chicken crisis with a philosophy dedicated to frying up poultry goods in all manner of marinades, spices and sauces. With a foothold in Americana style, this tender joint will also be cooking up Asian style batters as well as the original Kentucky recipes. Tear into fried birds surrounded by local art, polished concrete surfaces and a taste of urban coop-cool. 

What we say:

A whole industrial sized pantry of solely fried poultry goods? Cluckin' 'ell! The news of this arrival to the Manchester food scene has caused a deep fried frenzy across the City. Gone are the days of the burger bars, this year is all about chicken chuffing. Yard & Coop will be the new City refuge for those big on Buttermilk marinades, Asian batter blends and chicken with a bit of Northern Soul to it.