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New Authentic Spanish Restaurant From Couple Behind Tapeo Opens In Didsbury


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What they say:

After the roaring success of Juan Mata's Tapeo, a husband and wife team behind its conception have decided to go it alone and open their own restaurant in Didsbury. Tinto is also a Spanish spot, this time serving a range of meat and seafood that is cooked on an open Asador grill. The menu includes traditional dishes such a Valencian paella, made with rabbit and chicken on the bone, as well as a steak that has been aged for 45 days to give it a rich and complex flavour. The owners also run Lola España, a company which imports products from Spain to the UK, which will be stocking the restaurant too.

What we say:

With some serious foodies credentials behind them, the owners of Tinto are no strangers to the restaurant business. This Didsbury opening looks set to be another success with a scrumptious food menu that includes tapas and wine coming from small scale Spanish producers as well as lots of little European interior features. Decor is low-key and paired back, with grey walls, exposed brick and hand-plaited curtains which are used to provide shade in Andalucia.