Randall & Aubin Champagne, seafood and indie music comes to Manchester
Bridge Street, Manchester, M3
Happily Affordable
Type of Venue

What they say:

Something of a Soho institution for fine seafood, top quality champagnes and a loud soundtrack of indie tunes, Randall & Aubin are a London born and bred dining concept that fuses classic, Victorian stylings with Soho's hip and trendy personality. A favourite for unique dining, this move to Manchester should bring a whole new dimension to the city's seafood scape. 

What we say:

Taking advantage of the gap in Manchester's restaurant scene, Randall & Aubin are bringing their super fresh seafood concept to Bridge Street  to change this up a wee bit. There's nothing standard about this restaurant venture as Randall & Aubin showcase a big love for fresh fish, bubbly en masse and music appreciation. They're big on urban style so Manchester's ecclectic foodie network seems like the perfect match for this Soho born beaut. We're hoping there's a disco ball with this one too...