Favelas Favela restaurant and bar set to bring South America's vibrant character to Manchester's Deansgate
186 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4LY
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What they say:

Bringing a taste of South America to the heart of Manchester, Favela is a bar and restaurant that'll showcase the very best street food Latin America has to offer. With its heart firmly based in the pop-up towns of Brazil, Argentina and Peru, it'll be serving delicious rotisserie meats, succulent steaks and mouth-watering, flavoursome ceviche. To complete the experience, the venue's dancehall will be oozing all the soulful sounds and mesmerizing shapes that we've associated with Latin America's vibrant way of life.

What we say:

Information remains light about this new Deansgate joint, but Favela has already turned a few heads, thanks to its controversial name. The food on offer will undoubtedly produce an explosion of flavour as soon as it touches the palate, and the dancehall will certainly maintain the venue's fun-loving vibes. With a theme as distinctive as this, achieving a high level of authenticity is always going to be difficult. But if the team can capture even an ounce of the character of South America, it'll surely become a favourite spot in the city.