Squid Ink Ancoats' Squid Ink aims to excite and elude with global cuisine
67 Ancoats St., Manchester, M4 5AB
Happily Affordable
Type of Venue

What they say:

A contemporary fine dining experience inspired by the owners' recent trip to Japan, Squid Ink will put a unique, cultural spin on fresh, local ingredients come April. With a certain keenness for the element of surprise, the Ancoats restaurant will focus on a small and continually changing menu.

What we say:

The waters are certainly murky around the opening of Ancoats' newest culinary establishment, Squid Ink. While the owners, simply known as Anthony and Mike, are keeping mum on the finer details, there are some pockets of clarity surrounding Squid Ink's cuisine. Future diners of the sure-to-be trendy restaurant can expect a total palate adventure through its transient and globally focussed menu.