New bar spy - Mexica

Mexica spices up Ancoats with fresh Central American cuisine


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What they say:

Mexica brings a fiery Central American menu and a colourful interior to Ancoats in Manchester. Taking over from former occupant Cutting Room, Mexica's interior has been completely reinvigorated by murals painted by artist Peter Sheridan, imbuing it with a playful 'Day of the Dead' vibe. The menu brings forth the flavours of Central America, with nachos, tacos and burritos all coming with a diverse range of toppings and fillings. While the venue serves food throughout the day, they're also looking to establishment as a nightlife hotspot with their cool interiors and wide range of drinks available.

What we say:

Ancoats' nightlife is swiftly catching up to the Northern Quarter's in quality and Mexica is another great string to its bow. The Central American menu allows for a plethora of flavours, even if they are derived from the same dish, such as with their burritos that can be filled with pork, chicken or halloumi and vegetables. Smaller dishes like Nachos can come packed with chicken toppers, while they also have softer offerings of buffalo chicken wings. The beautiful murals make it a quirky addition to local nightlife, with a wide range of beers, cocktails and, of course, tequila make it a more tantilising option in the bustling city.