We Drank Hot Toddies At Manchester's Latest Outdoor Winter Pop-Up

Published . By Lauren Cole.

If warm whisky and a seasonal pop-up are bound to tickle your fancy at this time of year then, like me, you will have had your eye on the Winter Tavern at The Black Friar Salford in the lead-up to its opening. Promising a merry Olde English feel with a modern twist, this gorgeous restaurant and gastropub pays homage to its mascot, Friar Benedictine, with a stunning candle-lit space. Plus, there's a partnership with Highland Park 12 bringing huge vats of hot toddies on tap for your drinking pleasure.

The Black Friar Salford Winter Tavern Review | DesignMyNight

Wile away the hours at this cosy spot.

Our first impressions of the space were that of wonder, as we gazed at the round tables, fur-laden chairs and elegant table settings. Circling the drinking and dining area was a mini forest of pine trees, each tastefully decorated with snowy glitter tips. Even some light-up reindeer made a festive appearance. Of course, it was also lovely 'n' toasty warm. The best news was yet to come, though; as it's looking like the Winter Tavern will be here to stay, with plans to make it a permanent, seasonally-changing fixture at the Garden Bar here.

Making up our evening? A few Highland toddies (£8) each, pints of The Black Friar draught lager (£5.40) and canapes (£28 per person). The former were delightfully heady, thanks to plenty of the spirit served with honey, lemon, cinnamon and cloves. While our food selection was off-menu, we can still attest to The Black Friar's excellent marriage of flavours. Firstly, the chicken liver parfait was rich and creamy, boasting a zesty marmalade to accompany, while a delicate prawn cocktail could be found stuffed inside crispy filo pastry cups (a clever way to bring the classic down to hors d'oeuvre sizing). Smoked salmon blinis came next - the fish buttery and refreshing on its light pancake-style base - and a blue cheese terrine finished off the offering.

The DesignMyNight Digest 

Having frequented The Black Friar Salford myself, I'm perhaps a little biased. But, I think it's set my bar incredibly high for gastro grub and British dining, especially when you consider just how stunning the venue is throughout. Whether you're attracted to the decor that spares no attention to detail, or the delish bites to eat, their Winter Tavern continues this trend in style.

  💰 The damage: £21 per person for just drinks, plus £28+ to add canapes or a multi-course meal.

  📍  The location: The Black Friar's award-winning garden, Blackfriars Road, M3 7DH.

  👌 Perfect for: Cosy winter drinks or dinners.

 ⭐ Need to know: You can find very similar flavours to our canapes across the sit-down Christmas menu's starters.


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