The Pilcrow Pub with a penchant for local craftsmanship to open as part of NOMA development in central Manchester
1 Angel Square, Manchester, M60 0AG
Happily Affordable
Type of Venue

What they say:

Billed as something of a 'roaming pub', The Pilcrow isn't your typical boozer. More of a pop-up pub, The Pilcrow has taken residency in Manchester's biggest redevelopment space known only as NOMA. The build and design behind this watering hole comes from local craftsmen with their core values grounded in on site production (or as close to). Everything from glassware to tables are hand crafted and specifically for The Pilcrow. 

What we say:

The saying goes that good neighbours become good friends. And that is just what The Pilcrow is pushing for their pub identity. Curated out of a community coming together, this pub project unites contemporary design and construction techniques with local craft and originality for a finished product that is totally unique, with the heart of the neighbourhood at its core. Local food and craft beer to toot too? But of course. 2016 will be a big moment for this development.