odder bar closure manchester

Manchester says a fond farewell to a venue that has had students slurping and shimmying for years.

Their penchant for the subtly unusual may be acknowledged across Manchester, but now the Odd trio will become but two (Blue Pig aside) as Odder has announced that it wont be opening their bar come the start of the city's most bustling student season.

While money is not the magnitude of the issue when it comes to the closure as owner Cleo Farman told Manchester Confidential that 'The bar was actually doing alright' but 'it was creeping away from what I wanted it to be'. Selling the Oxford Road hotspot to a multinational coffeehouse, Clea Farman promises a fun venture for the newly found funds as not only will Blue Pig receive a basement expansion, but Oddest Bar will also be receiving a cool and creative makeover from company, No Chintz.

Host to nights such as Murkage and Overproof, and venue for parties to Jurassic 5, Kendrick Lamar and the like, it's a fond farewell from DesignMyNight and Manchester's lecture-toting denizens alike.