guerrilla eats weekly manchester

Guerrilla Eats settle down to a more permanent plot this September in Manchester.

While a fond farewell will be soon be spurned upon Up In Your Grill, there's another street food soiree set to snap up this summer's edible hype. While normally only akin to pop-up parties, secret shindigs and smashing surprise romps, Guerrilla Eats will stop swingin' from the concrete trees this September for a more permanent plot. Taking to a space in M4 this September 20th for four weeks, Guerrilla Eats will still let the streets to the talking as they're yet to disclose a location, though throngs of the industrial are still sure to ring through with a postcode such as that. 

Open from 5-12pm, Guerrilla Eats will not only be inviting a selection of traders that the city have yet to indulge in, but they're building sets; Asking select traders to design their own mini canteens and the like, there's something very Secret Cinema to the sound of the September Guerrilla Eats set-up. With free entry and top traders, we're happy to see 'em settle down for a moment.