Samuel Johnson once said that his 'strength lies in my tenacity', and if there's anything to echo that, it's Manchester's new opening scene. Unbadgered, and persistent in its perusal of new eating and drinking plots, blink and you'll miss the menagerie of new venues coming to the city. (Gosh if the Northern Quarter isn't dying for a cup of tea and a sit down).

Giving a face to newfangled dictionary term, 'hangry'? Then we've got just the selection for you. Highlighting five of Manchester's best new openings this past month or so, we're here to quell food based fights and keep those guts soggy:


Rust and Stone

A must-try for you clean eating, Wholefoods hoarding, quinoa kings and queens, Rust and Stone laid claim over The Lawns in Spinningfields this August for all things organic. From bedouin inspired boozing and organic beers, to superfood smoothies and biodynamic wines, these good for you gurus promise yoga afternoons, Moroccan interiors and wholesome hedonism a-plenty.

rust and stone manchester bar

Get insides as pretty as the cocktails above courtesy of thoughtful, and holistic drinks at Rust and Stone.

Infamous Diner

From biodynamic boozing to burgers, gluttony kicks that Spinningfields karma to the curb in the shape of new diner opening, Infamous Diner. A seemingly slick, 50s foray, Infamous Diner have not only decked their venue out in neons and balconette seating, there's a menu of hot dogs, dessert themed cocktails, piled-high pancakes and a taste-turning macaroni cheese burger (aptly named the BIG MACaroni) for £8.95.

infamous diner hot dog restaurant manchester

Scoff it Stateside with the shiniest new diner in Manchester.

The Washhouse

Boasting more dabbles in vodka than Dot Cotton's hidden launderette stash, The Washhouse has given Manchester another secret location to uhm, ahh and fight with Google Maps over. Already being hailed for their smoky interiors, launderette disguise and hand-made cocktails, The Washhouse is coming up hots as a city contender. I'll be honest, the website said I could get a duvet cleaned, and now i'm feelin' filthy. 

washhouse cocktails manchester

Using more egg whites than Daz, Washhouse is the best new secret bar in the city.

MCR 42

Sister venue to the fun frills of Tea 42, MCR 42 opens in Chinatown this week for more rose coloured punch than Jigglypuff on her period. Set to echo the charming Tea 42 plot with cake scoffing, candyfloss cocktails and afternoon teas a-plenty, MCR 42 offers Manchester another dose of sugar laced antics a unique setting. If anything, it'll be like drinking in a Drumstick lolly and the city just can't wait.

mcr 42 new opening manchester

This sister venture looks set to be just as pretty in pink.

Yard and Coop

If Peter Lord and Nick Park can make a movie about chickens, then Manchester can sure as hell freezing over, make a restaurant about one. A palace of all things poultry, and neat interior design at that, Yard and Coop indulge in all things feathered friend with dishes the likes of Monkey Balls (balls of chicken served with speciality sauces), battered dill pickles, and a buttermilk fried chicken burger with brioche and dill pickle at £8.50.

yard and coop manchester new restaurant

They didn't want to be a pie, they didn't like gravy, so they decided to find their way to this new Manchester chicken restaurant instead.