I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost: We Stepped Into Immersive Gamebox To Supersize Our Interactive Gaming Skills

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Exciting everyone from the gaming fanatics to the give-it-a-go-ers, Immersive Gamebox Manchester can be found in the Arndale, adding some futuristic fun to the shopping scene. One for group outings with mates and work or the whole family (especially tech savvy teens) too, prepare to embrace some serious silliness as your teamwork and reaction times are put to the test. "But what is Immersive Gamebox?" you ask. With no bulky VR headsets in sight, this place has you donning motion-sensor visors to use your body movement to control the on-screen action - in a way things like Just Dance can’t quite manage at home. Ready Player One? 

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Part of both a global brand and the UK's Immersive Gamebox locations, this Manchester venue is all kinds of fun.

Easily found on the ground floor of the shopping centre, the venue was kitted out with sleek black branding, bright lights, and some slightly out of place gym-style lockers that hinted at the workout ahead. But with my group welcomed warmly and whisked off to our private box, it was merely a matter of moments before we were ready and prepped to play. Let the games begin. 

Silly hats on heads, and having just about stopped laughing to concentrate, my friends and I transformed into… who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! Keeping this a spoiler-free zone, we walked through the initial instructions, and confident we could catch them all, headed into the hour-long ghost-hunting adventure projected onto the three touch-sensitive walls around us. Fabulously plot-driven, we amped up the volume to really get in the zone (and to hear every hint over our chit-chatting - oops). Not forgetting to film ourselves darting about, we navigated through puzzles, fought against evil characters one on one, and tested our team work by instructing each other, moving so in sync that Justin Timberlake would be proud. Ghosts zapped and humanity saved, it’s safe to say by the time the game was up, we had truly embraced the madness. And it’s a good job too, because our session wasn’t quite over yet. 

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The Immersive Gamebox Manchester reviews are in; although the full Ghostbusters gear isn't included, it's still a blast.

To let loose just that little bit more, the game ended with the chance to create our very own GIF. Jumping at the chance, we reached peak ridiculousness, shimmying around without a care in the world while the camera caught all of our best (and worst) angles. Definitely a memento I won’t be forgetting for a while, the team made sure it landed in our emails before we were even out the door.

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Taking your pick of familiar scenarios including everything from Squid Game to Sean the Sheep, Immersive Gamebox Manchester Arndale is the perfect fit for both family fun and team outings, with games suitable for aged three and above or ones only available for aged sixteen and older both on the cards. Playful and downright daft, stepping into the world of video games (quite literally) has never been so simple.

  💰 The damage: From £26 per person (adult price).

  📍  The location: Unit R3, Manchester Arndale, Market Street M4 3AQ.

  👌 Perfect for: TV-inspired experiences from Ghostbusters to Squid Game and Black Mirror.

 ⭐ Need to know: You'll also get the chance to order drinks on screen at the start and mid-point of your game.


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