We’ve all heard of the popular nationwide club, Tiger Tiger. With eight venues across the UK, each with numerous uniquely themed club rooms to offer, we went along to see what everyone has been roaring about. Releasing our inner party animals, we let the wine, cocktails and shot (after shot, after shot) rule over our instincts at this distinctive party venue come food and cocktail bar.

The White Room

The plush interior of The White Room

The Venue

A club with eight rooms can never be growled at; each area has a unique style to the others, so your experience of the club as a whole could be different every time you go and caters to differing tastes. The White Room has Ibiza-style glamour with its slick bar and private VIP leather booths that you can book for a private waitress service and champagne package. If you’re looking for a retro boogie on a luminous squared dance-floor below glittery disco balls, head to the Groovy Wonderland to gratify your guilty pleasures and bop to 70s and 80s classics. Our favourite area though, was Lucky Voice, Tiger Tiger’s premium karaoke experience. We had our very own compact room, complete with a leather bench, a costume box and an exhaustive selection of songs available (which we practically exhausted)!  

Groovy Wonderland

The Groovy Wonderland's luminous dance-floor.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

Despite its name, Tiger Tiger is anything but a zoo.  It does get quite busy on the weekends and student nights, but all the clientele are well-dressed and suitably preened for the occasion. Expect to see plenty of dresses, heels, coifs and very few trainers. This stylish venue attracts a young crowd; its big name is a draw for all those looking to experience ‘proper’ clubbing for the first time. But, it is also a failsafe for more experienced patrons looking to party in style, splash out and put their plans in the safe hands of the staff.

Tiger Bar

Tiger Bar where you can order an array of gorgeous drinks.

The Food and Drink

At the start of our night, we situated ourselves in Tiger Bar and carnivorously gnawed at the juiciest, stickiest spare ribs (there were none to spare though), crispy chicken thighs and sumptuous crab cakes served on a rustic sharing board complete with tiny tin buckets of garlic mayonnaise, sweet chilli sauce and ketchup. Our friends also sampled their unique sizzling fajitas which come with fillings such as thyme chicken, coriander shrimp and smoked paprika steak. Their jaeger bombs came in a funky little milk bottle style glass and their fruity Miami Beach Breeze cocktail pitcher kept us all suitably watered.

Lucky Voice

One of their spacious Lucky Voice pods.


An expansive venue, always with new areas to discover, Tiger Tiger more than earns its stripes. Whatever the type of night you’re looking for, Tiger Tiger holds it all under one roof. We extremely recommend trying this venue, if you haven’t already. Well worth a visit.