Mambo's Mambo's slides nicely into Manchester's iconic Printworks Building
Danzic Street, Manchester, M4 2BS
Happily Affordable
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What they say:

Mambo's is the newest party-crazy nightclub to open in Manchester. Housed in the Printworks building, the team behind this venture will be hoping to tap into the city's thriving nightlife scene, offering the fun-loving crowds a spot to let loose and dance the night away in. Branded as a bustling holiday club, the venue will boast all the frivolous vibes and bass thudding sounds of a never-sleeping joint in Ibiza. Completing the package, the venue has a line-up of great house DJs, all jumping at the chance to play at one of the city's newest late night venues. What else could you ask for from a party club in the heart of a musical city.

What we say:

Manchester's nightlife scene is without a doubt one of the best in Britain. The city has a long-established history of churning out incredible musicians, and with it has led the country in opening the newest late night bars and clubs. Hoping to add to this illustrious scene, Mambo's offers the city's party animals a joint to unwind in and escape the troubles of metropolitan life. Based in the party-mad Printworks complex on Withy Grove, the crowds of people are definitely going to notice when it opens. If it can capture the same fun-loving vibes that's defined Manchester's nightlife for so long, Mambo's will definitely become a household name in this fair city.