The end of your working week has been a whirlwind of street food wonder, but what happens when Friday Food Fight is gone, and Brew Bash is but weeks away? Someone else gets all Up In Your Grill. And funnily enough, they want to continue to feed you, not fight you.  But we'd totally have your back if they did. Brought to you by the delectible denizens behind some of the Manchester's best street food events, B.Eat Street MCR returns this June for another knock out round of late night block parties, bashful chow and street shindigs.

up in your grill street food manchester

Get all up in Manchester's grill this June as B.Eat Street MCR return for another rambunctious edible round.

Making edible haste this June 20th, Up In Your Grill will boast ten whole weeks of delicious block parties, and rumour has it, they're still all on Friday nights.  D-lish. Inviting some of Manchester's most prominent foodies, venues and edible artisans, Up In Your Grill will be yet another chance to savour the city's ever evolving foodie culture, and by the looks of their branding, we don't think that BBQ chow will be far off. 

But that's not all. Toting not only a Vitamin D laden sun terrace and foodie hall, there's set to be craft beers, cider and street cocktails for one and all. For those of you suffering a sombre case of the post-Friday Food Fight blues, it doesn't look like you'll have to wait long to get back into the delicious swing of things.