This Manchester Bar Is Now Delivering Bottled Cocktails And Fancy Vegan Junk Food

Published . By Talia Gilliham.

speak in code delivery cocktails in manchester

Secret cocktails for secret nights in.

If you’re done scouring the dregs of your local supermarket’s booze aisle for something that’s just about drinkable, and also happen to be in the mood for something quirky and all-natural, let us introduce you to your new best friend. Expressing their love and support through the language of liquor, Speak In Code is taking care of us one small plate and signature cocktail at a time. 

While this particular Manchester bar is usually busy maintaining its mysterious disposition, serving up fully-vegan sips and snacks for those lucky enough to find the entrance, they’re now focused on making their operation mobile. That’s right, what was once an exclusive hidden gem is now the city’s go-to delivery spot for plant-based-pretty-much-everything. 

Expect a cocktail menu packed with bottled signatures from a botanical rhubarb gin number to a bold blend starring chipotle-infused tequila and cinnamon and raisin bitters. As for the food? It’s got the same fuss-free yet fancy flair we’ve come to know and love - think deluxe seitan kebabs, phish tacos and jackfruit mac and cheese. 

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