Smokey cocktail marks Manchester heritage

Added on . By Katie Houghton.

honey old fashioned manchester cocktail

A smokin' meander of honey and bourbon, The Alchemist marks Manchester with a theatrical and broody decanter of liquid lush. (Photo: The Lady)

Many of you may not know, but this week just so happens to be English Tourism Week. And how do our fair cities choose to celebrate it? By crafting cocktails for you to gush over? Why of course. But how does Manchester's offering stand up in the grand liquid scheme of things? Rather well if we say so ourselves.

Boasting the city's broody and cool attitude as ever, The Alchemist have conjured up a boozy bevvie of classic flavours to celebrate this marked week. We're eccentric without being overstated don't you know. A twist on their heralded Smokey Old Fashioned, the Honey-Smokey Old Fashioned is a somewhat theatric but wholly prohibition style punch of Heaton Park honey, Wild Turkey bourbon, smoked oak-wood chips, Jerry Thomas' bitters and an ice ball. All topped off with a bubbling of smoke to represent Manchester's industrial legacy? We wouldn't expect anything less.

The Smokey Old Fashioned will be available from The Alchemist until April 6th in celebration of English Tourism Week.