Preview: FRANK Presents: Argy


Frank return to underdog on the cusp of their 1st birthday celebrations. A club night that has in the past year scoured the underground for the artists most likely to come smashing through the glass ceiling and straight into the upper ether of everyones expectations, they always deliver in spades. The next guest is no different, in fact this might be the biggest they've had yet. Argy after three years as a recording artist and several delivering top notch production is now getting the recognition he deserves.He consistently delivers fearlessly eclectic, electric sets as well continuing his on top production, aiming for soulful, deep club tunes. His extensive discography with some of the biggest labels in the world, such as Cocoon, Defec and Deeply Rooted House are testament to his success and talent. 

A Valentines Day to remember and fitting with one of Argy's top tracks 'Love Dose'  being heralded as a masterpiece, with its underground feel, electric acid beats and deep dark psycho vocals. Maybe not the most romantic track that's ever been made, but trust me it's this sort of tune that'd make Romeo & Juliet sack off the romance and throw on some disco boots and  tear up the dance floors of Verona. Where for art thou Romeo? I'm at FRANK with Argy, absolutely having it.

FRANK Presents: Argy is at Underdog Friday 14th from 11pm until 4am. Grab yourself a ticket here!