Pints for Protest with BrewDog's new Putin Beer

They've created everything from a coffee brew to a high-octane, spirit laced, IPA, now it's time for a political protest beer. A delicious political protest beer at that. The Scottish craft beer creators have created Hello, My Name is Vladimir, a political protest beer aimed at Vladimir Putin after discriminatory legislation was introduced ahead of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. The beer itself is an 8% IPA made with Russian Limonnik berries, strong and fruity (perhaps like Mr Putin himself.) The label takes inspiration from Andy Warhol paintings, with photos of the Russian president wearing make-up and an important warning stating that, 'This bottle my contain sarcasm'. 

BrewDog Putin Beer

BrewDog, whose Manchester bar is a Deansgate hotspot, are no strangers to taking a stand against the big guys, will be donating fifty percent of the profits to charities that campaign against discrimination across the world. Hoping to make a difference to the LGBT communities as they fight against the legislation banning 'homosexual propaganda', BrewDog have sent a case to the president himself. It says it's not for gays, so it will be interesting to see if Mr Putin takes a swig.