Okay, we get it, there's nearly 200 days to go when it comes to another Indy Man Beer Con. But what with the success of 2013's beer laden bash, it's not like we were going to waste any time in sharing the wealth of news. And yes, okay, there's very little news to relay as tickets are only set to go on sale this coming April 1st, but let's be honest folks, it's still just the time for us all to be getting our plans in check. 

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Dabble in some of Manchester's finest liquid fare at the Indy Man Beer Con this October.

Found within the Grade II listed Victoria Baths just shy of the city centre, Indy Man Beer Con not only find their confines of a pretty dapper nature, but their event comes heralded too. With the 2013 festival seeing over 30 different cask lines, a sweet battering of brewery stalls and stellar entertainment, it's no doubt that 2014 is set to follow suit with an even more hop-ful event to showcase this October 9th-12th.

Quotes and reviews from 2013's Indy Man Beer Con:

  • “The festival that has stepped forward from all the others, and drawn a line behind it.” The Beer Cast
  • “A shout out to beer lovers over the peaks and a nudge to Sheffield beery folksters – the Independent Manchester Beer (& Stuff) Convention is well worth a visit.” Jules Gray, Exposed Magazine
  • “Independent Manchester Beer Convention seems to have rewritten the rules on what a British beer festival looks like”Will Hawkes, Financial Times

So hows about it everyone, fancy letting us keep you in the loop about one of the best independent beer festivals in Manchester? According to these rousing reviews, that's a yes, so keep checking back for more news!