Rave Righteously: High Five 3rd Birthday at 2022NQ

Krysko takes to the decks this Saturday for High Five's righteous rave at 2022 NQ

High Five; the righteous rave. The opportunity to get messy and throw some techno fists to the sky, all in the name of charity. The ultimate moral cleanser, washing away your raving sins by knowing that when all is said and done, you're contributing to a bigger and more important cause. High Five started three years ago and since then has hosted six parties over two cities, and raised over £10,000 for various causes all through raving! 

The event is held this time at 2022NQ deep in the heart of Manchester's Northern Quarter; an intimate basement that will be presided over by two resident DJs from two of the biggest clubs in the country, Back to Basics in Leeds and The Warehouse Project in Manchester. James Holroyd and Krysko have been frequenting the scene for years and are nightlife stalwarts in their respective cities, gaining critical acclaim and respect from the club goers, organisers and DJs alike. They take to the decks at 2022 for a night of house and techno tunes to lose your inhibitions and stomp the basement of this Northern Quarter club. 

This time the chosen charity to reap the raving benefits is the Christie. The Christie, although part of the NHS, provides vital support for those projects that unfortunately fall out of NHS  funding. This means that raving righteously at this event helps provide funding to The Christie to continue their work as leading expert in cancer care in High Five's home city of Manchester. 

Aside from a charitable and generous dose of top shelf house and techno from the DJs, the High Five raffle with its prize policy being based around amazing restaurants, club nights and festival tickets will be returning - adding a little extra to the already jam packed rave. 

It all kicks off at 8pm and goes on until late, with two headline DJs, the chance to rave righteously and to leave with VIP tickets to other raves and festivals across the North. Not bad for a Saturday night charity event, so get up, go out, stroke your moral ego and do what's right at 2022NQ this Friday.

High Five 3rd Birthday, Saturday 5th October, 2022NQ, 8pm until late