Heatwave Hang-outs in Manchester

Last updated . By Katie Houghton.

I'm no Sian Lloyd, but with rumours of a three month heatwave, our office has been circulating with panicked Factor 50 buys and pound shop fans. But what if we could spare you this barmy bustle? From tantalising tipples to Vitamin D endeavours, we're going to get through this heatwave together.

Frozen cocktails at Revolucion De Cuba.

A lush Latino plot for chilly tipples, you'll be able to escape the choking temperatures and clear that gullet with a delicious and dapper selection of frozen cocktails at Revolucion De Cuba, from their Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri to a Frozen Margarita; And while a bath of the stuff might also be necessary, Revolucion De Cuba have yet to entertain our idea.

frozen cocktails manchester

Get these fun frozen lovelies down 'yer gullet and wile away the rocketing temperatures with lush Latino liquids.

Run ravid through the Piccadilly Fountain and we'll never speak of this heatwave again.

Oh you lush, liquid savour. Don't think about it, just run through it. Preferably arms in the air screaming 'HALLELUJAH'.

piccadilly fountain manchester

(Photo source: The Sun. There's a heatwave going on you guys, don't get tacked down to the tarmac, douse yourself in Manchester's finest liquid fare)

Beer Garden and beer, bosh. 

We have a funny feeling that this section may just explain itself. Don't get clammy in front of the TV, toy shop fan in hand and choc-ice dribble down your tee; gather up your chums, take to the sunshine and take on this heatwave the good ol' fashioned way, in some of the best beer gardens in Manchester.

lock 91 manchester beer garden

Don't get sweaty and silly at home, phone 'yer chums and have a lovely afternoon in the confines of Manchester's best garden plots.

Battle the heat, with something hotter.

Do you think that the lady below has any idea that there's a heatwave on the way? Naw, we don't think so either. One of Manchester's most prominent meaty festivals, Grillstock takes to the Albert Square stage this summer for a weekend of plush patties, seriously smokin' sauces and live music. But how about batting off that balmy weather? Take part in one of Grillstock's many chilli eating competitions, setting your chops so alight that the weather outside will be but a mere breeze.

grillstock manchester 1

Instead of baking in the above average, get the low down on Manchester's most prominent BBQ beat.

Laze about at 'yer local Lawn Club.

Don't worry, we're not asking those with a penchant for beige pantaloons to bear their bats down the local cricket club. Set to be on of Manchester's most sought after pop-up bars, The Lawn Club is set to lavish sun-laden punters in darling country vibes, British themed cocktails and a layabout lawn plot. Way to break a cute sweat.

lawn club new bar manchester

A sumptuous Spinningfields plot, botanical boys and babes can escape the balmy weather with cool cocktails and lawn lounging.