Guerrilla Eats and party beats at the #streetfoodparty

Added on . By Katie Houghton.

Did you know that street food shindigs have been voted as one of the top five ways to cure loneliness and the foodie blues? Okay, so that's a raging load of codswallop, but we think there's a little element of truth, at least with an organiser like Guerrilla Eats in tow. Known for some of the most rambunctious street food parties in the city, and toting some of the most top notch traders, Guerilla Eats take to the Greengate Viaduct this weekend for a delicious night of DJs and street food devouring.

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Join Guerilla Eats this May 17th as they invite delicious denizens for a fun filled foodie jaunt in the Greengate Viaduct.

Kicking off at 1pm and dancing on until 11pm, Guerrilla Eats present 10 hot to trot hours of street food and fun as their #streetfoodparty commences this May 17th. Joined by the likes of Gemburrito, Love from the Streets, Shake Maroc and Roll, Streatza, Banh Mi Booth and many more, there's set to be a seriously cool selection of appetizing artisans to be explored. But don't worry about your sand-dry gullet, Guerrilla Eats will also have their own bar and First Chop Brewing Arm in tow for a selection of delightful drinks, all before dancing and DJs ensue.