beefham manchester burger beef and pudding

Those of you with a surly stomach disposition should avert your eyes from this drippin' tower of burgers and Manchester pride. 

Hailed as one of Manchester's most sought after new edible destinations, Beef and Pudding have not only marked their opening with industrial style kitchen interiors and bespoke beef, but with a burger that garners a reasonable amount of attention. 

Beefy babes, cow crooners and city patrons can now invest in an edible interpretation of Deansgate's Beetham Tower for a lump sum of £15.95 as Beef and Pudding mark the city's tallest building with its tallest burger. Boasting piled on patties with suet, mushy peas, onion rings and what can only be gathered as a mini pipette of sauce, the Beef'ham Tower is an architectural and towering feet of its own. If these are the fun filled foodie frivolities that Beef and Pudding open with, we're excited to see where dinner goes from here.