elixir manchester closure

As a pending £70million building development looms in Manchester, so does the closure of one of its vintage favourites.

They've beckoned cocktail crowds with bubbling beakers, teased with dated interiors and hark back to the glamour of days gone by, but days and months may be all Elixir have thanks to the approval of a new £70million office block approval courtesy of the council. Replacing retro and forward-thinking cocktails with computer corners, 12 storeys of office space have marked the end for Elixir's current plot as Worthington Properties have launched their building upheaval, due to commence at some time in June. 

A note from the venue goes as follows: "The news came as a shock to our team and with much sadness, a little panic, disbelief and confusion but quite quickly followed with a quiet understanding that everything has to end, nothing lasts forever, change is inevitable and evolution takes many forms. We shouldn’t fight it when it’s beyond our control, we will ride the wave and hope there’s something great for us on the horizon. We will, in the meantime of course, suck the marrow dry and leave no thirst unquenched."

Elixir Bar has announced that it is due to close in Manchester by June 25th 2016 and has yet to find a permanent residence to move into.