dirty dogs at brewdog

Ready to get your paws on some of the most hot to trot hot-dogs in Manchester? Brewdog is set to be a haven for hounds this coming July as Dirty Dogs wag their way through the kitchen. 

They've made lunchtime in Manchester a truly delicious endeavour, they've mastered sausage meat and they've left palates buzzing, but where can you catch Dirty Dogs next? Cropping up all across the city this summer, the most heralded hot-dogs in town will be taking to another favoured furry friend this July 6th as they smother the Brewdog kitchen in bun fare.

A kitchen takeover from 12-10pm, Dirty Dogs will be serving up a mountainous selection of dogs alongside some of the globe's most famous craft brews. Tried their Punk IPA sauerkraut? Ever even contemplated a sausage boasting 94% meat? Now's your chance to!