morning gloryville manchester morning rave

Boozing before breakfast is sometimes frowned on, but according to Morning Gloryville, raving isn't.

Some people rarely remember to brush their teeth, string together a sentence or put on their clothes on the right way round before breakfast, but there's one event headed to Manchester that's expecting you to party, and all before your coco puffs. 

Hailed as an 'immersive, morning dance experience', Morning Gloryville is turning the art of raving on its head and asking party patrons round to their bash to dance the morning, not the night away. With their parties starting from 6:30am, and completely devoid of alcohol, Morning Gloryville is all about the art of pre-day revitalisation, and shaking things up before you crack out a conversation with Colin over your office computer. Having started in London in 2013, Morning Gloryville has already seen a premium up-take in their morning movement, with groups now finding their footings in Melbourne, Tokyo and San Francisco. 

Not only will there be early morning shapes, there's set to be free hugs from the Wake-up Angels, a massage station, yoga, smoothies, organic coffee and more. Yes, I'll say it again in case you haven't woken up just yet, it's before breakfast.

Morning Gloryville launches in Manchester  Wednesday 8th June at Gorilla with an open invitation from 6:30 – 10:30am.