Best Dumplings In Manchester To Try In 2024

We're diving chopsticks-first into a whirlwind of flavour-packed, belly-warming delights, from steamed wonders to pan-fried perfection; these little pockets of joy are filling the city with their charm. Whether you're a dim-sum newbie or a wonton pro, get your taste buds prepped and your cravings fired up as we take you on a steamy expedition through the top six places for dumplings in Manchester.


Mei Dim

For the best dumplings in Manchester's Chinatown, head to old-school classic Mei Dim - a blink-and-you'll-miss-it basement lunchroom boasting a massive variety of authentic dim sum that puts other spots in the city to shame. From Shanghai soup dumplings to har gow shrimp gyoza, this no-frills joint serves up the ultimate feast that'll have you feeling anything but dim. Cheap, filling and full of flavour, it may not be Insta-worthy, but the food is definitely worth a snap - or a thousand.

Mei Dim Dumplings Manchester | DesignMyNight

Soup dumplings in Manchester, you ask? Mei Dim is the key to your heart and stomach.

Gaijin Dumpling House

The restaurant on everyone's lips, Gaijin, meaning outsider in Japanese, is a small but perfectly formed spot full of fresh takes on Chinese classics that'll have you raving for days. Serving up drool-worthy dumplings influenced by Pakistani and Hong Kong kitchens, you'll find everything from bao buns, steamed chicken dumplings (£13), nasi goreng and signature spicy ribs on offer.

Gaijin Dumpling Restaurant | DesignMyNight

Looking for the best Chinese dumplings in Manchester? Gaijin Dumpling House is where it's at.

The Little Yeti

Bringing authentic Nepalese cuisine with a modern twist to Chorlton, The Little Yeti's hand-folded momos are made to order. Take your pick of five different spiced fillings, whether you prefer them steamed or deep-fried, and dive into a plateful served with a tasty Nepalese dipping sauce like jhol achar or salad cream. PS: Don't miss out on their tandoor treats—whether it's paneer or vegan mushroom shashlick, your tastebuds will thank us.

Little Yeti Asian Food Manchester | DesignMyNight

The Little Yeti's dumpling delights are chock-full of flavour.


Offering traditional Polish recipes with a 21st-century twist, this hidden gem just outside Manchester's M60 ring is a top-notch spot for authentic family-friendly cookery. The stars of the show? Their classic pierogis (£12) with a twist, of course. From black smoked cod and kimchi to millet, dill, and stewed beef, there's a pierogi for every craving at BeeRogi. With its cosy ambience and soul-warming dishes using locally sourced ingredients, it's the perfect spot to indulge in dumplings that speak to the heart.

Beerogi Dumplings Manchester | DesignMyNight

Satisfy your cravings, one pierogi at a time at BeeRogi.


A bougie hotspot for modern Chinese cuisine, particularly known for its shared plates and Dim-sum specialities, at Tattu, you've got choices – go à la carte or opt for their tasting menu showcasing the cream of the crop. Dive into reinvented classics like royal koi gau, chicken truffle shumai, and wagyu dumplings for a taste of excellence in a moody ambience, taking you on a sensory journey from East to West.

Tattu Asian Dumplings Manchester | DesignMyNight

Tattu serves up the best dumplings in Manchester city centre. Spoiler alert: it's about to get dumpling-licious up here.

Desert Island Dumplings

With a mission to turn classic dishes like cheeseburgers, pizza, and hoisin duck into plant-based offerings, Desert Island Dumplings is a quirky gyoza haven located inside Afflecks. Offering fun fillings like Cheezburger, Hoisin Mock Duck and Salt and Pepper Chikn, this belly-busting gem serves up delicious dumplings for every meal of the day, from breakfast to lunch and dinner. 

Desert Island Dumplings Restaurant Manchester | DesignMyNight

Desert Island Dumplings boasts an inventive selection of vegan treats and fusion delights.

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