Bartender of the Week; Aniello, Montpellier's

Each week we get to prop up the bar, turn the tables and quiz Manchester's favourite bartenders on their favourite, tipples, taverns and tunes. After all, what better way to get an insight into a bar than from the person serving the drinks?

This week we head back to the Northern Quarter for a slice of Parisian paradise in Montpellier's. We talk to the rather dashing Aniello, a mean mixologist, who doesn't really care for a cocktail...  

Bartender of the Week, Montpellier's Manchester

Name: Aniello

Age: 31

I work at... Montpellier's

You should come to Montpellier's for drinks because... It has a laid-back atmosphere, good quality food, and eh, why not?

I'll whip you up... An Espresso Martini, made with fresh espresso and high quality spirits

Mine's a… Beer over a cocktail anyday!

When I'm off-duty, you'll find me... At a party, with my mates

The best thing about being a bartender is... You never have to grow up

Not many people know this about me but... I am F*cking great at table tennis

Come and see me... At weekends

Follow me... @montepelliers