Bartender of the Week; Andy Pope, Elixir

Each week we get to prop up the bar, turn the tables and quiz Manchester's favourite bartenders on their favourite, tipples, taverns and tunes. After all, what better way to get an insight into a bar than from the person serving the drinks?

This week we head to on of Manchester's most exciting drinking dens and the recent winner of our Best Cocktail Bar Award, Elixir. Already famed for its strange tonics, quirky treats and whimsical presentation, we meet the man behind the mixology, Andy Pope

Elixir Bartender of the Week

Name: Andy

Age: 31

I work at... Elixir

You should come to Elixir for drinks because... We offer more than just a drink, we aim to give you an experience to remember. Everything from taste, presentation and garnish are key players, with some senses being heightened in different ways. You’d be surprised how many people take a photo before trying their drink. You drink with your eyes as well as eat with them, or in some cases with our cocktail menu, you use them for both!

I'll whip you up... An Apollo's Daquiri made with Clements Shrubb, Agricole rum, fresh lime and sugar. It’s a daring twist on a classic and it works.

Mine's a… Glass of Picpoul De Pinet

When I'm off-duty, you'll find me... I love learning new things about all thing booze, so I’m normally reading a new booze book, it’s ‘Neurogastronomy’ by Gordon M. Shepard at the moment, all about how the brain creates flavour. Or I’m watching Keith Floyd or Diners, Drive Ins and Dives in my underpants. Normally have a late night booze in The Liquor Store in town or Cuckoo in Prestwich.

The best thing about being a bartender is... You have a job that makes people happy. That and all the women!

Not many people know this about me but... I was born with only one kidney

Come and see me... Every Friday, Saturday and Funday Sundays.

Follow me... @mix_up_a_storm