5 Of The Best Fondue Restaurants In Manchester

Published . By Kay Field.

With days getting colder and nights drawing in, fondue season is upon us. But with new cheesy dishes popping up all over the northern capital, it can be hard to scout out the creme de la creme of gooey goodness. That's where we come in. We’ve had a sniff around the melting pot of offerings to bring you our guide to the best fondue spots in Manchester. 

Bøck Bière Café

The most well-known fondue restaurant in Manchester, Bøck Bièr Café takes the undisputed top spot for its mass selection of molten offerings. Alongside its classic four-cheese fondue, the hipster haunt's popular for their wackier options - think mozzarella pizza pots, vats of vegan goo and seafood mariniere. Alternatively, upgrade your Sunday with their renowned roast fondue and dip your roasties into a cauldron of red wine gravy lava.

Yes, those are Yorkshire pudding waffles served with Bøck Bièr Cafe's roast fondue.

The Oast House 

Covered in fairy lights and with a tonne of great beers and ales to choose from, this cosy Spinningfields spot is already widely regarded as one of the best pubs around. Add on a roaring fireplace and their newest sharing ‘fabulous fondue’ and you’re on to a winner with The Oast House. For every pot you gobble up, the restaurant will fund a meal for a local person in need - and that, for us, is reason enough to nestle yourself in for an afternoon of dipping and dunking.

The Oast House is giving us all the food feels with their fondue sharing board.

The Bay Horse 

Come to this Northern Quarter haunt for their delicious fondue and ham fritter starter, but stay for the stylish interiors and cosy fire. The gastropub also hosts a regular line-up of live music and weekly pub quizzes, as well as being scattered with a plethora of board games, making it a pretty tempting hideout for an afternoon of Cluedo and fondue. 

Looks like a pretty tempting nook to while away a rainy day or two to us... 

El Taquero

This award-winning Mexican cantina is bringing the heat with their Queso Fundido, blending together mozzarella, cheddar and chillis to recreate the popular Latin party dish. Served alongside homemade tortillas, this is definitely one for the spice lovers. Grab the sharing bowl for only £5.90 and let El Taquero turn up the heat on your chilly day.

You might have come for the Queso Fundido, but the rest of El Camino's menu will have you coming back for more 

The Refuge 

Who said the best fondues had to be cheesy? For those sweet tooth cravings, look no further than The Refuge's heavenly old fashioned chocolate fondue. Accompanied by a selection of regularly changing sweet treats, you can expect goodies such as churros, marshmallows and meringues cooked up daily by the pastry chef. Head over to this stunning spot and enjoy the pièce de résistance of after-dinner treats.

The Refuge's tasty tray of goodies is a nirvana for those more inclined to the sweeter things in life.

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