Freakshakes, Cheesecakes And Chocolate Bombes: The Best Desserts In Manchester

When it comes to picture-perfect puddings, this city is no stranger to a little eye candy. You'll find cafes, kiosks and restaurants whipping up an incredible array of treats, from fluffy waffle stacks and indulgent platters to traditional Mexican cakes. If you're one of those sweet-toothed sorts who only eats out for the afters, then read on to uncover the best desserts in Manchester.


Cookie Dough: Gaucho

While best known for juicy steak, bottomless weekend brunches and those cow print interiors, Gaucho's puds are worth a try too. Our pick? The tray-baked cookie dough (£9) that's made for sharing and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Plus, there's a choice of buttermilk pancakes smothered in blueberry compote and hot chocolate sauce or salted dulce de leche cheesecake too.

Gaucho Cookie Dough Dessert Manchester | DesignMyNight

It's not only the steak that hits the spot at this favourite of dessert places in Manchester city centre.

Cheesecake: Peter Street Kitchen

After fancy dessert places in Manchester? Peter Street Kitchen's stunning interiors of columns, high ceilings and a crisp, neutral colour palette makes it a strong contender. Chow down on a selection of Japanese and Mexican small plates, finishing off with the beaut black sesame cheesecake (£8) that's served alongside hassaku orange sorbet.

Peter Street Kitchen Cheesecake Dessert Manchester City Centre | DesignMyNight

This one tastes as good as it looks.

The Mate Date: Brewski

The home of North American comfort food, Chorlton' Brewski is one to add to your list of dessert restaurants in Manchester. To accompany their poutine, burritos, burgers and more? You should definitely get your hands on The Mate Date (£25) boxes, a monthly rotating sharing platter of puds that's sure to please those whose eyes are bigger than their belly.

Brewski The Mate Date Best Desserts in Manchester | DesignMyNight

Past themes for The Mate Date have included Biscoff, festive flavours and a chocoholic's dream.

Sticky Toffee Pudding: Tattu

Luxe Chinese restaurant Tattu might be the last place you expect to find a sticky toffee pudding (£9), but their version topped with Asian pear is an absolute beauty. It's well in the running to be the best dessert in Manchester city centre, designed to be eyed up as much as gobbled. When you tuck in, expect comforting flavours of cinnamon, vanilla and almond.

Tattu Asian Pear Sticky Toffee Pudding Best Desserts in Manchester | DesignMyNight

Tattu's signature dessert is a twist on a family favourite.

Loaded Waffles: Archie's

As if the bright pink interiors and adult ball pit weren't enough of a draw, Archie's is also a top spot when searching for dessert near Manchester Piccadilly. Move past the menu of burgers and fried chicken and you'll find a list of loaded waffles (from £4.99) fronting an epic selection of toppings - think crushed Malteasers, mini marshmallows and whipped cream.

Archie's Loaded Waffles Best Desserts in Manchester | DesignMyNight

Archie's waffle menu is as playful as the venue itself.

Milk Cake: Heavenly Desserts

Serving the crème de la crème of Wilmslow Road, this restaurant is also a must-visit for late night dessert in Manchester. Thanks to an extensive menu of waffles, cookie dough, cheesecake and even mochi, Heavenly Desserts is a spot for the sweet-toothed. We'd go for a slice of their signature milk cake, a Mexican-inspired delicacy comprised of soaked sponge enriched with espresso or pistachios.

Heavenly Desserts Dessert Places Wilmslow Road Manchester | DesignMyNight

This milky Mexican marvel is one of Manchester's best desserts.

Shakes: Black Milk

If you're on the hunt for a scrummy pud, then iconic Northern Quarter cafe Black Milk should be topping your list. The Oldham Street destination is serving up some of the most intense Freakshakes (£6.95) in the city, from vegan Biscoff options and strawberry syrup-laced serves to their chocolate-packed Kinderella mix. You'll also find a selection of cakes, ice cream sundaes and boozy pours too.

Black Milk Shakes Best Desserts in Manchester | DesignMyNight

This iconic cafe is challenging you to drink your dessert in the form of a loaded milkshake.

Chocolate Bombe: The Ivy Spinningfields

Not satisfied being one of the most beautiful restaurants in the city, The Ivy Spinningfields is offering up Insta-ready puds to match the surroundings. A long-standing feature on their dessert menu, the Chocolate Bombe (£9.75) is a thing of beauty. A hard chocolate shell is turned molten by a hot caramel sauce, revealing a delectable vanilla ice cream and honeycomb core.

The Ivy Chocolate Bombe Best Desserts in Manchester | DesignMyNight

The Ivy's most popular pud is, quite literally, the bomb.

Tiramisu: San Carlo Gran Cafe

The perfect location for a post-shopping pick-me-up, San Carlo Gran Cafe is located in the Exchange Square Selfridges and offers a range of light bites, brunches and authentic Italian cakes. The crowning jewel here is their homemade tiramisu (£6.50), which boasts dreamy layers of coffee, sponge and mascarpone cream - pairing perfectly with a strong espresso or a cold glass of fizz.

San Carlo Tiramisu Best Desserts in Manchester | DesignMyNight

San Carlo's tiramisu is proving that some recipes just don't need updating.

Ice Cream Sandwiches: Ginger's Comfort Emporium

One of the most delish ice cream parlours around, Ginger's Comfort Emporium is a Northern Quarter favourite handing out dairy and vegan scoops all year round. With specials including Campari and coconut, Eccles cake, and Chorlton Crack (peanut butter with salted caramel), these frozen fancies are always at their best when served in sandwich form.

Gingers Emporium Ice Cream Sandwiches Best Desserts in Manchester | DesignMyNight

These quirky ice cream sandwiches are unmissable. 

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