Rust & Stone Rust & Stone clears out your cobwebs with quirky list of Biodynamic Wines
Rust & Stone Hardman Square, Manchester, M3 3EL
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What they say:

Rust & Stone is the latest addition to Manchester's ever-growing health-food scene. Opening in the Spinningfield's area, this open air, clean living-cum-yoga café hopes to add a bit of colour to this part of town, delivering a menu and wine list as organic as the city's love own self-professed love of metropolitan life and culture. Intriguing doesn't do this quirky joint justice. Their food menu is composed of raw meats, healthy greens and a refreshing serving of home-made, delectable soups. But the protagonist here is the bar's list of biodynamic wines. Created in the most bizarre, yet imaginative ways possible, these head-scratching concoctions use manure as a source material and are said to work wonders in combatting general sluggishness and the usual body pains associated with metropolitan life. 

What we say:

Rust & Stone is truly baffling. Wonderfully weird wines and drinks are certainly on the rise and feature on some of the most prestigious menus. It's not unusual to regularly hear about the latest, revolutionary method for maintaining well-being and improving your overall health; Rust & Stone fit nicely into this trend. With a menu produced by the culinary expert David Gale, who boats the Lawn Club on his impressive belt of notches, the food here is certainly going to be worth its salt. But more interesting, their puzzling range of biodynamic, manure wines are the perfect antidote for metropolitan life. Internally cleansing and created with the freshest ingredients, it might put a few more hairs on your chest but will leave you feeling fresh as a Mancunian daisy.