Malt Dog Malt Dog has Arrived!
169 Monton Road, Manchester, M30 9GS
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What they say:

Malt Dog, a new restaurant bar in Salford has arrived on the scene and is serving discerning drinkers Bavarian wheat beers, cask ales, ciders and wines alongside great food. Malt Dog are lovers of real drink and the brewers who make it, often inviting them in to meet and mingle with the public creating an ale-loving fellowship.

Malt Dog serves unique and rare beers that have travelled the world to reach our pint glasses, and local and international cask ales that are constantly refreshed and rotated. Their two premium beers include Weihenstephaner, brewed in the oldest brewery in the world, and Pilsner Furstenberg that are brewed in Black Forrest region of Bavaria. They serve an eclectic and interesting range of beers for those of you wanting to branch out and experiment, such as banana and coconut ones. If you don’t get a chance to try them all, you could buy one (or more) of their bottles and take it home with you.

Once you’ve had your fill of beer, why not move on to their food offerings? Mixing up a pie of the day and feeding the troops with a sharing platter of meats, cheeses and chutneys, alongside old fashioned deep southern cooking inspired by texas flavours, the food served is a perfect accompaniment to your real ale.

What we say:

We have been searching high and low for a down-to-earth restaurant bar serving honest, satisfying food and drink packed with flavour, authentic ingredients and brewing methods. And we have finally found it in Malt Dog! Real ale lovers now have a place to flock to, to taste new brews and meet brewers and like-minded drinkers; this is a must-visit for everyone who likes a pint of the best. Stocking more than just beers, Malt Dog is the only establishment to serve Mortimer’s Orchard cider on tap and stock a selective range of wines, choosing only the best. Hearty consumables and friendly cheer is at the centre of Malt Dog Manchester, and visiting the bar will leave you with a satisfying taste of bitter (the good kind) in your mouth.