Grosvenor Casino Salford - Review

Tuesday nights tend to be ones to be settled down recovering from the weekend's antics and nursing a severely damaged bank account. Not for us at DesignMyNight. We took matters into our own hands and went down to the newly refurbished Grosvenor Casino Salford  to try our hand at winning the big time. With a brand new restaurant and bar to delve into we turned Tuesday into Saturday, cracked open the Prosecco and put it all on red.

The Venue

Located just off the Mancunian Way on the way into Salford, the Grosvenor (like all casinos) is a windowless cavern of all things Vegas. Upon our arrival we were greeted by the front of house staff and management, who after signing us up as members for life, took us on the grand tour of the building. Having previously visited the venue before the refurbishment, (trying to win back my student loan) I can tell you the stark contrast between the old 90s style carpets and decor and the new modern interior including top of the range Blackjack and Roulette tables. Moving on to the restaurant, which is a sophisticated and secluded room with several booths down either wall decorated with bottles of premium champagne and headed up by the welcoming and friendly waiting staff. A classy feel and a high end look that is still welcoming and comfortable - a combination that is hard to get right.

The newly refurbished Grosvenor Casino in Salford

The Atmosphere & Clientele

Being on the edge of the big city and its usual subgroups of nightlife punters, the Grosvenor Casino attracts a diverse crowd of individuals who each come for varying reasons. Many casinos nowadays have an emphasis on a higher end clientele, the sort that could easily throw money on the table without the fear of a phone call from the bank the following morning. The Grosvenor Casino at Salford however is a much more welcoming and eclectic affair, offering entertainment and gaming from the high rollers to the post night out flutters. Whether it’s people drinking at the bar, entering the weekly poker tournaments or just popping in for dinner, the Salford Grosvenor attracts people from all walks of life and still manages to comfortably accommodate everyone’s needs.

Salford Casino

Take on the dealers at the Grosvenor Casino Salford

The Food and Drink

After being greeted with a great selection of cocktails, wine and beers on tap we were escorted by our waiter to the brand spanking new restaurant and dining area. We were seated at our four person booth and immediately  offered a starter sampling menu, delving into salmon and prawn seafood salads and variety of breads, olive oil and seasoned olives. A largely Mediterranean affair situated on the outskirts of Salford - two locations that until now have managed to avoid being mentioned in the same sentence. Having said that, it’s a pleasant change from the abundance of fast fried food emporiums that have monopolised the area for years. On to the main course and one aspect worthy of an honourable mention was the fantastic level of service we received whilst ordering. Whilst studying the menu we were advised on the best wine and side orders to compliment our meals and never one to refuse a good feed, we took the opportunity to order as many as possible. A personal favourite was the fillet steak cooked perfectly to the medium rare order; ‘blushing’ was how the chef described it on his way out to see his work being demolished. That accompanied by chunky steak chips, side orders of seasoned mushrooms and baby broccoli was the perfect cross over between pub grub and gourmet restaurant. 

Grab yourself a cocktail or two whilst you tackle the gaming tables.

After sampling a  top selection of meats and fish and a bottle of wine or two we were brought out a tasting plate of desserts to plough into. A great combo of quality and quantity and all within a happily affordable price range, plus the addition of complimentary soft drinks, tea and coffee all day every day make it hard to argue with the value to quality ratio at the Grosvenor Casino.


Following on from our meal we set to the gaming tables to be taught a thing or two on how to stop losing money at casinos. A top notch lesson in odds and chance was accompanied by some great cocktails in an amazing atmosphere created by anticipation, caution and recklessness; contrasting emotions that are rather unique to casinos. All in all the one thing I think we all learnt from our trip to the Salford Grosvenor Casino is that they can offer, and deliver, whatever experience you want. A diverse array of entertainment and amenities delivered with impeccable service is quite possibly the recipe for a perfect evening out. And hey, you might even walk out a few quid better off.