The Liars Club Manchester - Cocktail Bar Review

By Kieran Kelly.

"Where's open late, that we can keep drinking at?" is a sentence said by everyone at one point in their lives. And the answer in Manchester always seems to be the same: The Liars Club. Located just off Deansgate and below popular late night spot Mojo, this tiki themed cocktail bar is all people talk about, so we thought it was about time to get down and discover the reasons why!

The Venue

Descending the narrow staircase down to this basement bar gives off an immediate buzz of what is in store for you. Tastefully decorated throughout with its tiki theme, you'll find barrels as tables, a couple of tiki huts and the main bar, where there's usually something on fire. There's a lot choice on the menu, some cocktails we're very familiar with (Zombies) and others that the staff has invented themselves such as Captain's Rum Fizz. We grabbed our drinks and took a seat to take in our surroundings.

Liars Club

The Atmosphere & Clientele

The music throughout the night is a perfect easy-going party soundtrack, with mixes of indie and classic hip-hop to drink some rum to. The Liars Club has certainly built up a big reputation for itself since it replaced The Purple Pussycat and this brings a whole host of different drinkers down to the dive bar. The clientele however all get on well together and it's clear that everyone is there to have a good time and taste some brilliant cocktails. The occasional burst of a flame-thrower from the bar consistently tops up the party vibes and gets heads turning.

The Liars Club

The Food and Drink

No food menus in this place so we thought we'd work twice as hard getting to grips with the drinks side of things. We tried one of the best Zombie cocktails that you're going to come across in a tiki bar, a blend of six different rums, fruit juices, limes and topped off with a blast of fire for good measure. With a new menu in the pipeline we tasted a few classics such as a Mai Tai and some new additions like the Dutty Wine; a brilliantly Caribbean mix of Wray & Nephews rum, Red Label Wine, lemon juice and curacao. The bar staff are incredibly talented and more importantly, knowledgeable. Just say what you'd like in a cocktail and the helpful bartenders will fix you a drink on the spot, they know best! If a constant onslaught of cocktails isn't your thing then there's also bottled beer to pace yourself with.

The Liars Club Manchester


It's a must visit bar. The Liars Club has earned itself a reputation for being the late-night drinking spot in Manchester and for good reason. A mix of brilliant bar staff, clever cocktails and a vibrant crowd make this Manchester cocktail bar an absolute pleasure to visit. And we might even pop in again soon. Very soon. Now...