Plus One Groupie backstage bar Plus One opens in Manchester Arena
, Manchester, M3 1AR
Happily Affordable
Type of Venue

What they say:

The North's iconic venue for global musical talent has opened an exclusive backstage bar where groupies can revel in pre and post show entertainments. Plus One has been designed to reflect the stature of its surroundings creating a space that feels like a recording studio or jamming sessions go down. Custom illustrations, artwork and iconic lyrics are splashed across the walls and the furniture uses musical equipment and drum stools to add to the laid back ambience. 

What we say:

On the hunt for some pre-show lash or post-show after parties? Manchester Arena (finally) presents Plus One - a bar of cool, industrial design and the perfect urban hangout for all you tour bashers or musical followers who have come to Manchester's Northern pastures to see your favourite performer. Guzzle to your hearts content in this studio themed space and maybe even catch some of the after party action.