New Bar Spy - Underland

Exciting New Ancoats Club and Creative Space



Venue Closed

What they say:

Underland is a brand new underground clubbing and arts facility opening in one of the new up and coming areas of the city, Ancoats. A place where cultures collide, bringing music, art, and dance to the people of Manchester all under one roof. Decorated with street art and graffiti, the converted abattoir has two rooms, downstairs used for high-quality visual art and film, and upstairs, for housing upstart DJs and throwing parties for the people of Manchester. A simple ethos that changed, what was a pop up club, into a permanent fixture in the city. 

What we say:

Brought to us by DJ Vince Vega and Simon Bullows, who was the brains behind Antwerp Mansion, Underland as a concept is one that is often tried but rarely executed with finesse. A multipurpose, contemporary arts and clubbing space giving opportunity to young local artists, DJs and producers to perform with world class professionals. Underland looks like it's fallen out of an Adidas Originals advert; cool, calculated, cultured and thriving on vibrant music and art delivered by up and coming artists and legends alike. Bringing new life to Ancoats, and another top club and bar for the club dwelling crowds.