Secret Theatre London - Event Review

Published . By Katie Kirwan.

While i'm terrible around season spoilers and have a gob like gunfire, this is the one place where you're likely not going to get much out of me. Noted globally for their immersive theatre experiences, and having hailed events in the likes of Hong Kong and New York, Secret Theatre have clearly been giving the planet a run for its cash and theatrics, but how do they really fare? Seeing as no-one really knows all that much about them.

The Experience

Knocking down the door of what seems like an abandoned building isn't the first thing I expected to do while swanning around on a Sunday, but this is Secret Theatre after all. Not only is the location revealed barely 48 hours before it's due to start, we're going in blind, we don't even know the theme of the event, apart from a few sultry prompts (see picture below), and some gnarly quotes about bathing in blood. While my inner Buffy boffin went wild for a few, this was something way apart from the gleeful comedy, embarking into a world of the sexy and the provocative.

Not only was the building perfectly matched to the theme of the experience, brimming with a bohemian edge and seducing at every turn, Secret Theatre go out of their way to make sure that every scene, and every prop is set to include almost everyone in the crowd. Hands on, enticing and entertaining throughout, Secret Theatre curated an event that really gets hands on with its guests and leaves no man, or bloodied babe behind. 

secret theatre london event review

Secret Theatre is the urban and accessible immersive theatre option in London. 


It's gutting that I can't give all that much away and claim my throne as something of a Sally Spoiler, but this event needs experiencing rather than reading up on. More than value for money, and immersive in more ways than one, Secret Theatre are bringing thespianism into a new and urban light, promising even those that know little to nothing about theatre an event that puts some serious swagger into city show business.