Moroccan Sky Riad - London Pop-Up Review

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Added on . By Katie Houghton.

While some of you are all 'heights schmeights' and that's lovely for you, those with a vying for vertigo might want to look away promptly. Transforming this proud, pickle shaped arena into the brood of a Bedouin bar, I checked out the latest pop-up from Searcy's favourite, the Gherkin. 

The Venue

Like an episode of Border Control without the gasps and cuddly toy stuffed contraband, we got our bags x-ray checked at the bottom of the building before hot footing it 40 floors up. While clean, pristine and markedly commercial a London landmark, the new Moroccan Sky Riad pop-up at Searcy's brought a dash of North Africa to the city's most glamorous Gherkin. A top floor abound with curtain laced booths, artisan pillows and lattice lanterns, not only is the Moroccan Sky Riad giving it 'great view' welly (try a game of 'can I see my flat from up here?', you'll lose), the Moroccan Sky Riad doesn't oversell its theme, sitting neatly between iconic destination, cocktail lounge and Sultan sass. 

gherkin pop up bar restaurant moroccan review

It was all belly business come sundown at the Moroccan Sky Riad.

The Food and Drink

Packages that lend themselves to keeping the flow of guests consistent, and bank balances inherently aware of outgoings, we tucked into the 'Deluxe Cocktail Package' of two cocktails and two small plates at £39 (Now, that's really not too bad considering that some of the cocktails were pushing £12 a pop). Our liquid pickings? From a saffron infused 'Golden Dream' to a 'Hindi Zahra' with Scotch whisky, sumac, lime and pineapple, the Moroccan Sky Riad cocktail menu was concise, spirit laced and fresh fun for a Monday foray. 

Picking our way through plates, the harissa calamari (£8.50 on its own) was a dream boat, retaining the artisan and fresh feel to a dish that has been recently bashed by beer batter and pub menus, while the baba ganoush and homemade falafel with tahini had an overseas twang that really quelled any international, palate hankerings. My only qualm? There's simply not enough chow, but this is inherently a bar menu and I am inherently a greedy chops. 

moroccan pop up restaurant gherkin

The harissa calamari was a true testament of flavour at this latest pop-up from Searcy's. 

The Atmosphere

It's hard not to cram atmosphere into a venue such as this when the views are so stunning. Bustling with decked up date nights and hue of the city lights, Moroccan Sky Riad is amorous, even boasting its own belly dancer come sundown. Only thing is though, give the crowd a belly dancer, and you get two types of folk: the you're not ready for this jelly 'go-getter', and the 'if I don't look her in the eyes, she can't see me, can she?!'. That being said, it was a neat visual treat to end the evening on, so here's hoping the traditional entertainment wasn't reserved solely for the launch night.

golden dream cocktail pop-up

Saffron douses the 'Golden Dream' cocktail at Moroccan Sky Riad.


There's a reason that Little Rascal loved his pickle so much; it's because he knew he'd grow up and be old enough to visit the Moroccan Sky Riad one day (and because pickles are delicious). Inherently special an experience and bound by its incredible views, this bejewelled bar is sure to see proposals, snogging pairs and unique nights out in abundance. Talk about Moroccan Sky RAD.